Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About the book "Interlacing Science and Faith"

Based on the development of the Holistic Spirituality, and eager to offer my personal testimony on how I arrived at it, I wrote in Spanish “Interlacing Science and Faith”.
I began that task towards 1959. Then I was an 18 years old medicine student, astonished by the contemplation of the Cosmos, the infinitely great and the infinitely small, the stars, the atoms and the always present restlessness about the Maker of those Cosmos and my relation with Him.
Some yellowish annotations in my old Medicine books, sketch books and even in loose leaves I lovingly conserved, have been dated from that distant 1959.
Through the years and until the present time, with some interruptions, I continued producing and interlacing such annotations. Sometimes I used them to comments of this nature in the books of Psychotherapy I wrote, other are now dispersed in dozens of Journal papers and Newspaper articles here and there… Finally, some years ago, I began to give them the form that, at last, was materialized in this book
I turned 67 years old in September 2008 and, in January of 2009, I have declared it concluded and ready for the Publishing house.
This work tries to integrate my main sources of knowledge and understandings. Besides of my scientific and esoteric formation, these sources are: 1. the intense spiritual experiences I have had in my process (of all my life) knowing God and learning to have experiences with Him; 2. my own painful experiences with "aiming mistakes" and "missing the target" 3. wisdom contained in spiritual documents and sacred books of different spiritual mainstreams and religions from diverse times and cultures, especially if guaranteed by tradition and antiquity and 4. comprehensions based on some outstanding Bible’s passages.

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