Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Holistic Spirituality is?

Holistic Spirituality is born of the effort of almost all my lifetime to interlace, through the delicate lens of the New Holistic Science, the Mystical form of the Christian Spirituality with my formation and experience of decades in Psychoanalysis and Bhakti Yoga (Esoteric Psychology), and with my studies and self-taught humanist formation, which includes Quantum Physics, Tantra Yoga, as well as Theology, History, Mythology and Western Philosophy.
Besides, such effort implies the biological and psychological knowledge of my formation and identity as scientist, medicine Doctor, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, as well as the personal and professional experience due of have been practicing Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in a daily basis during already 43 uninterrupted years.
Last but don’t least, this effort includes my believing and practicing Christian being. This affirmation, I believe, deserves an extension. I am “a nonreligious” believer: I identify myself like spiritual and Christian, axes of a very personal system, that I denominate Holistic Spirituality, a construction that includes several structures which condenses understandings and lessons received directly of the Word of God, much of it written in the Bible and other sacred books, and some of it through directly revealed Word, like that received by numerous people (between which I include myself) and authors of different times and latitudes.
Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique, Quantum Physics as well as the four Canonic Gospels and the Epistles of the New Testament, much of the “Apocryphal (Gnostic) Gospels” and great part of the written work of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, Piotr D. Ouspensky and Maurice Nicoll, are important components of my epistemological and spiritual foundations.
On synthesis, Holistic Spirituality is based on the understanding that we, the human beings, are slept.
Holistic Spirituality does not prohibit nor condemns anything. It only invites gently “to wake up of the dream”, by means of understandings and procedures whose origin goes back at the beginning of the historical times and that have been enriched as much by a new understanding of the Sacred Christian Scriptures, and by important aspects of the Eastern spirituality and not few approaches based on the Quantum Physics.
Holistic Spirituality does not accept nor valued trying to found a spiritual activity, in seeding guilt, fear and threats of punishment, resources misguidedly used trying to separate people from “sin”. Holistic Spirituality even promotes a revision of the notion of “sin”, by means of the psychological and spiritual analysis of the notion itself. Such analysis has their starting point in the initiative to explore the meaning of the very word used by the authors of the Bible for “sin” in the original one in Greek: “hamartia”, whose literal translation is “aiming mistake” or “missing the target ".
Finally, without forgetting my profession of faith already mentioned, I affirm my desire and I offer my better effort to maintain, to where it is humanly possible, the greater attainable scientific neutrality in relation to the intentions and develops of the Holistic Spirituality.
I consider that the best position in favor of such scientific neutrality is my clear conscience of spiritual non neutrality.

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