Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Other books of the author.

“The Dialogue with Couples in Conflict” (Transference and Countertransference in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Couples). Ediciones Bautista, Lima, Peru, 1983.
“Live in Couple… and enjoy it! “, (a guide for comprehensions and tools for the Couple). Ediciones Gamma, Bogota, Colombia, 1992.
“Raise a happy baby and a boy without traumas” (a manual for the raising and an education of babies and children, and a complete Program for the Prevention of Violence, Crisis of the Values and Addictions). Intervalo Editores. (Círculo de Lectores). Bogota, Colombia, 2002.
“The Human Factor in the Organization” (Self-esteem, Motivation, Democratic Leadership, Human Relations, Organizational Climate, Enterprise Development and Organizational Ethics) Intermedio Editores (Círculo de Lectores). Bogota, Colombia, 2001.
“If you are not enjoying it… so what do you live for in a Couple?” (Taking care of the Couple’s relationship. Divorce without Divorce. Insipid coexistence and waste of energy. The sexuality of the stable Couple. Adult Love. No authoritarian ethics for Couple and Family). Intervalo Editores. (Círculo de Lectores). Bogota, Colombia, 2004.

In Publication process:
“Does not divorce you self before trying a Couple’s Psychotherapy.” (a practical guide choosing Psychotherapist and a perspective about what happens in a Session of Couples’ Psychotherapy).
“Interlacing Science and Faith.” (From Psychoanalysis, Quantum Physics and Esoteric Psychology, a testimony of the experience of the author with Holistic Spirituality).
“Romanza of thorns and petals” (Poetry).

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